Getting Outside

As an adult, you tend to be very busy and most people choose to spend their free time indoors shopping, working out, or watching tv. In my case, it’s not that I’m too busy, it’s that I lack the motivation to get dressed and venture outdoors. Recently, I have decided to make a change and to embrace the outdoors. Here are my reasons why.

Mental Health
Everyone has heard that the outdoors is good for your mind, body, and soul, but the power of fresh air is still overlooked. In order to get the most reward for your time, it’s important to disconnect from your phone (but definitely keep it on you if you’re hiking or out at dark). I find that the simple release from technology is a great detox on its own, plus it will allow you to pick up on details you wouldn’t notice otherwise. If you decide to venture on your own, this time allows you to reflect on yourself as an individual, which is something that is rarely done. If you’re more extraverted, this is a great opportunity to get out with a friend or spark a conversation with someone new.
Like I said earlier, disconnecting from your phone will allow you to pick up on details you wouldn’t notice otherwise. Modern life is constantly bombarding our mind with information and distractions. By removing these distractions, our mind is freed to wander, leading us on exciting new journeys. In the same way your body needs healthy foods to function optimally, your spirit can feed on landscapes like forests or oceans. Looking far away to these landscapes can make us feel free and as though time is abundant. This sense of “awe” helps you find inspiration as you feel like time is expanding.
Physical Exercise
Going to the gym to lift weights or run on the treadmill can sound like toture, but getting outside makes exercise easier. Find an activity you enjoy doing, like soccer, basketball, or my personal favorite, tennis. I guarantee playing a sport with a friend or two will seem more like hanging out than an exercise, plus it’s much healthier then getting together over wine and cheese. If you don’t have anyone to workout with, don’t fret, there’s plenty of options for you like biking, walking, or swimming! Never be afraid of doing something on your own, its good to be independent.

Travel Diary: Spain

Hello lovlies!

If you haven’t noticed, I disappeared from the blog world for a bit. If you follow my Instagram @fashionflurry4 you know I was traveling Barcelona and Ibiza! I appolagize for the sudden drop, but hope you understand. Today I wanted to highlight my favorite parts of my trip and share some gorgeous photos. My boyfriend and I spent 7 days in Barcelona sightseeing, relaxing, and trying out every Paella and Sangria the city had to offer!


Park Guell offered us the opportunity to hike (I was in a dress and sandals, so more like the opportunity to walk up) a few hills and get an incredible view of the city. We were able to point out Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar as soon as we got up … can you spot them? Afterwards, we obviously had to make our way to the famous benches and snap a few ton of pictures. This area was a lot more open than I thought it would be, and we grabbed a shady spot to enjoy some lunch we had brought with us.


One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting a tour of Sagrada Familia and learning about the history behind the beautiful artwork of Gaudi. If you are on a budget in Barcelona, I suggest spending the extra euros for a guide here. There were so many hidden details Carlos (yes, that was his name) revealed to us that had me in awe. The Basilica is under construction Monday-Friday and is not expected to be fully finished until 2026 – guess I’ll just have to come back!


Ahh, my favorite street in Barcelona – La Rambla! This location was a tourist trap, but a warm welcome from our more residential quarters (we were staying in Gracia neighborhood). La Rambla offers souvenir shops, ice cream parlors, flower stands, and retail stores in every corny. PS. This country loves the clothing store MANGO. This place had an endless supply of fresh fruit, smoothies, and fruit pops – I was in heaven!


To finish our trip, we spent 3 days in Ibiza soaking up the sun. We were stationed in Figueretas beach, a 20 minute walk from the famous Playa Den Bossa (party central). The location was amazing, stunning beaches, delicious food, and the most friendly people ever! After 2 days we ventured north towards San Antonia to spend a day at Cala Salada, our best decision ever. This beach is isolated, but crowded with people – for good reason. The water is crystal clear, and filled with fishes who are not scared of people. It was the perfect place to snorkel, I even saw a baby octopus (still can’t convince my boyfriend this was real, but I swear)!

Spain was a beautiful country; clean, sunny, and filled with friendly locals. Have you ever been? Where is your favorite place you have traveled?

Until next time,


My little Shoe Box

After spending one year in a chaotic dormitory, two years in a lovely apartment, and beginning my final year in a damp basement, college has definitely taught me one thing: how to utilize my space. Whether I was surrounded by incompetent drunks, stressed from work and school, or going through the Sunday Scaries myself, my room has always been a place I go to escape. This year, I moved into a shoe box in the basement.

After my initial anxiety and hunger hANGER passed, my mom and I tackled this room in ~15 hours. We spent more time screw driving and hammering then we did shopping, but we got it done.


I opted for a neutral theme this year, which really opened up the space and fit my “senior year of college” status (my roommates all have white comforters too – we’re very original). My grey silky throw and knot-tied pillow add a contrast to my bedding, while the fairy lights and curtain (that IS a window curtain) add a calming notion for the evening. Light a candle, grab a magazine, and spray some pillow mist – that’s my kind of night.


Right by the foot of my bed, I have my “pretty corner”. It’s a small storage cabinet that holds all of my jewelry, perfume, magazines, and make-up.

Since I am a college student, and the primary reason I attend school is to study, I think it is only fair to include where I work my ass off – my desk (C’s may get degrees, but they don’t get you a job). You may notice this table has actual color! I personally loved the light blue, and felt like it did not compromise the open feel of the room. The huge desk lamp is incredibly dramatic, but I LOVE IT. All my actual textbooks and supplies are on the side shelves, but who cares about them 😉


And that’s my room! I absolutely adore it and love to spend as much time in here as possible.

Until next time,