2018 Spring/Summer Trends

It’s that time of year again. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the temperature is rising. But the change in season doesn’t just bring the sun, it brings a whole new wardrobe (or we wish it did). As always, certain trends never die: floral prints, ruffles, and pastel colors are still alive and well. Today I focus on a handful of fashion moments that are new and fun.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 7.36.16 PM

Checkered print is normally associated with the autumn/winter season, but your more colorful pieces can be transitioned to Spring. A suit set would make the greatest statement, or for a more subtle approach try pairing the print with solids. My favorite way to wear this look is in the shade yellow – total Clueless vibes. Lulu’s, Missguided, and ASOS have wonderful options.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 8.02.40 PM

Every Spring we know to expect pastel colors, but this year we also get to incorporate bright and bold shades! This trend is about a rainbow of hues, more specifically think of a children’s rainbow comprised of a Crayola box set. No, I’m not kidding. Crayola colors are in! My favorite crayon of the season is red as it exudes confidence and sexiness. I actually gasped when I saw these Jeffery Campbell shoes for $98, then cried when my size was sold out. Luckily, For Love and Lemons  and Lioness have the cutest dresses and tops to scratch my itch.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 8.33.22 PM

Remember the fanny pack? Did you ever think you would see it again? Well it’s back and it’s rebranded with a new name – a belt bag. Out with the cheap and ugly, in with the expensive and … cute? I’ve fallen in love with so many luxury belt bags like this Prada one. Besides the fact that it’s hella expensive, I would not suggest splurging on this.  Many stores offer cute and affordable options, because, well, it’s a fanny pack. Try Zara, Urban Outfitters, or River Island.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 8.49.11 PM

Fashion has adapted with the times and we see more skin now then ever. Take for example, @badgalriri who rocks the sheer trend day in and day out.

Let’s take a moment to praise a true style queen.

Although the idea of sheer clothing may automatically make you feel naked, there are other ways to adapt this trend. My favorite is through a raincoat. This BCBG one is to die for, fairy princess and badass all in one? YES PLEASE. For a more casual vibe, try Zara or Topshop!

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.21.45 AM

Lastly, I saved the best for last, my favorite 2018 trend is the sportswear/racing stripes vibe. The outfits I selected here feature TommyXGigi, Puma, and Fila. Unfortunately I missed the PumaXFenty release back on March 15 and have been paying the price. I am OBSESSED with the collection so if anyone knows where I can grab some of the iconic pieces please let me know in the comments!



Alexander Wang Rockie: Bag Review

Hello lovely ladies,

Like my mom, some of you might want to kick me when I tell you I’m over the summer months. With the talk of fall fashion week, the fashion trends in magazines, and the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I’m currently in Autumn mode. In the midst of re-organizing my wardrobe to get ready for my favorite season of fashion, I pulled out my Alexander Wang handbag that had been stored for the summer and knew I had to write a review for you all.



Women’s Blue Haze Rockie Pebbled Leather Bag

Removable shoulder strap: 23 inches

Two-way zip closure

8″ W X 5″ H X 3″ W

The Review: 

I’ve owned this bag for over one year and believe I have had enough experience with it to give an honest review.

Let’s start with the outside of the bag – it’s stunning. When I first tried it on it took me some time to realize the front was where the zipper can be seen. Honestly, I think you can wear it either way, but the “proper” showcase is as stated. The leather is great quality and very thick, making it more difficult than usual to leave any scratch marks or show signs of wear. My favorite (and everyones favorite) part of the bag is the hardware on the bottom. Not only does it prevent your bag from touching the floor, but the edgy detail is what makes this bag so unique and personal.

No matter how beautiful a bag is, there always has to be a flaw or two … right? Due to the great quality of leather, this bag is heavier than most I have tried and tends to be the reason why I store it away in the summer – I can not be bothered to carry it around in the hot weather. Secondly, I find it hard to balance this bag when I place it on the ground or at a desk, it tends to want to topple over on its side. Not a major problem, just a little annoying. And lastly, as with most bags, I always find the need to keep it stuffed with scarves or sweaters when I am not using it, or the sides will cave in.


Now for the inside – there really is not much to report here. The inside includes one zipper (large enough to fit a few cosmetics) and two phone pockets, which I don’t store anything in. Its basically a free for all, which I am totally fine with as I am an incredibly organized person. However, if you find your bag turns into a jumbled mess without dividers, this may not be for you. As far as the size goes, this is the Rockie bag so it’s on the smaller size. You can not fit a laptop in this bag. Alexander Wang offers the same model in a size up called the Rocco; however, keep in mind the additional weight of the larger one.


Final Thoughts:

I think the Alexander Wang Rockie Bag is an edgy, “cool-girl” style perfect for the fall and winter months. As someone who does not carry around too much crap, it is the perfect size for me. The inside is very minimal, but I am drawn to this bag for it’s look on the outside.

I hope this review was helpful for anyone considering this bag. What are your thoughts on it?

Until next time,


OOTD: Corset Belt

Hello everybody!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend full of hot sunshine and cold drinks 😉 Today’s outfit post is centered around one item – a corset belt. This fashion piece is trending online everywhere, and I thought it would be a fun piece to try out. The obvious use of a traditional corset is to make ones waist appear slimmer, however; wearing this belt on the outside of your clothes also serves as an accessory to an outfit – win win!


I chose to wear the belt with a flowy bell-sleeve top I own, as I felt that this shirt could use a bit of synching. I kept the bottoms simple in a pair of high waisted denim shorts, but a pair of sailor striped pants would be spectacular for this look (need to purchase a pair immediately)! I also added a thin scarf to add color to the outfit and keep it fun!


And finally, I finished off the look with my Anne Klein mules I have worn to death! You’ve already seen these featured in a past blogpost.


What do you think of this outfit? Would you try out the corset trend?

Until next time,


May Favorites 2017

Favorite Fashion Pick

I’ve been noticing the color yellow everywhere this season … it’s such a vibrant and lovely shade that will always get you compliments! I picked up this BCBG dress for my cousin’s wedding this month, and think it’s the perfect outfit for any event or a fancy dinner out. The ruffles down the top-side create an elegant look, while the slit in the front eludes sexiness. Pictured in the feature photo is the open back – icing on the cake.

Favorite Skin Care

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.29.15 AM

Shiseido’s Refining Moisturizer is a lightweight cream formulated with PhytoResist Complex to boost skin’s strength to resist problems. I have sensitive skin and find this moisturizer to be gentle and incredibly rehydrating. Shiseido is known for its variety of moisturizer, but specifically for its wrinkle resistant solutions, and offer products with a range of prices up to $260.00. The refining moisturizer that I have featured is great for young adults with minor skin conditions and is the most basic formula Shiseido offers; it is sold at a price of $45.00

Favorite Jewelry

Rings (1)

The marble trend may be on its last run, but I could not resist purchasing these rings from H&M. I love the color white during summer, and these rings incorporate marble into different shapes and sizes. The whole set included 5 rings for the cost of $10.00. I love H&M for accessories like this!

Favorite Make-Up

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.28.12 AM

I’ve had the NARS illuminator in shade Orgasm for over a year, but only break it out in the warmer seasons (it’s a bit too dark for me when I’m pale). The liquid illuminator refreshes and enhances the skin by creating a shimmer base. I like to wear this under my BB cream to add extra glow, or use it as a highlighter when I have a nice tan. Full size product sells for $30.00

Favorite Perfume

Perfume (1)

COCO Mademoiselle by Chanel is my favorite perfume pick for a night out. The scent includes fresh and vibrant orange, jasmine, and May rose. It has a light smell, making it perfect for summer, but also carries sexiness with it, making it my night out fragrance. The full size product retails for $72.00.

What are your favorite or least favorite items this month?

Until next time,


Beach Essentials

No one captures the essence of the beach better than Zac Brown Band

Toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand, life is good today

And life is good today, and always! Memorial Day Weekend kicks start summer (in my book anyways), which means nothing short of a shopping spree. Today I picked out my beach essential items, and some pieces I have been eyeing up!


  1. Having a sun hat is a necessity to anyone who burns easily, or to anyone who just wants to be fashionable. There are so many great places to purchase sun hats for cheap, like tj maxx, target, kohls, etc. However, my go to store for a more dramatic and luxurious piece is Nordstrom. The two hats I have featured here are definitely quite expensive, but come on, how cute?!
  2. Everyone knows a beach tote is essential to carry your random knickknacks you just need to have on the shore (leave-in conditioner, comb, sunscreen, chapstick, etc.) and there are a million different styles and trends. Sunnylife has anything and everything you could dream of for your beach endeavors, and the pineapple tote I found is to die for – so freaking cute! If you like the more traditional straw tote, this one adds a twist with bright colors and trendy tassels.
  3. No matter your taste in fashion, sunscreen is universally flattering. To be completely honest, I don’t care what brand I use on my body as long as the SPF is waterproof. For my face, I am very particular to avoid breakouts and greasy skin. My absolute favorite face lotions are by La Roche and Shiseido. They give great coverage with SPF50+ and don’t damage my skin.
  4. Sunnies are my favorite beach accessory; with so many different styles, colors, and brands, my collection continues to grow. I’ve had my eye on Quay Australia for ages, and this classic pair is so affordable. For a luxurious option, Dior kills it with a bright yellow, geometric option. I would never wear a high end brand on the beach and risk it getting scratched by sand, but would rock these around town.
  5. Of course, when you’re on vacation at the beach, you need swimsuits. Since you’ll be wearing this laying out or walking around, I always like to purchase trendy options, and this year I’m looking for high-waisted and one piece suits.  Cupshe offers plenty of on-trend pieces at affordable prices, but I’ve never purchased from this company so I can’t vouch for its quality. The yellow suit from Revolve is so hot, and the straps on the back just make it!

What do you think of my beach essentials list? What do you consider a necessity?

Until next time,


OOTD: Denim Skirt

Hello lovlies –

This weekend was jam packed with fun starting with a wedding on Friday, a visit to my city Philly on Saturday, and a fun photo shoot today thanks to my lovely boyfriend who was visiting me (the things they do for us). I couldn’t resist planning some awesome outfits with the weather recently and knew I had to feature this sick denim skirt on my blog!


The mid-length skirt is the focal point of this outfit, with a unique criss cross detail down the side. I wore a white crop top to bring out the distinction in the skirt and to draw attention towards the eyes. I always like to elongate my legs with some sort of heel, so the white mules were a no brainer. Fashion forward and incredibly comfortable, mules have become the new shoe craze! Obviously the outfit is fairly neutral, so I wanted to incorporate spring color through my shoulder bag and ear cuff – both so fun and girly.


Featured items:

Denim Skirt

Shoulder Bag


I absolutely adore this outfit … what do you think? Next weekend I’ll be hitting the shore for Memorial Day and picking out my favorite beachwear pieces.

Until next time,



Let’s Talk Shoes!

College graduation and the annual grand pool opening can only mean one thing, Summer is here!! This season, floral makes its predictable return, but less predictably, so do mules and sliders (YAY)! Coming from someone who lives in the suburbs, heels are only worn on nights out or special occasions, so having adorable, trendy options for daily use is pretty awesome. I’m sure my shoe collection will continue to grow, but for now, enjoy my favorite picks of the season!

PS. I’ve linked websites to each shoe to make it easy to shop – you can thank me later 🙂


These sliders are soft, pink, and fluffy – WINNER! Undoubtedly a copy off Puma Fenti x Rihanna – I’m not complaining as I can not find the original in-stock anywhere. This Steve Madden alternative is affordable and bound to get you some attention; whether your grocery shopping, chilling at home, or hitting the town at night, rock these bad boys with a variety of outfits.


Hurry! These floral heels are on sale for a limited time, and I highly recommend them. I’ve been playing around with floral on sheer tops, patched jeans, and my new favorite, these heels. I’m particularly a fan of this shoe’s high ankle cut. It’s universally flattering and allows for easy paring; tuck in your jeans or show some skin in shorts/skirt. The heel height is no more than 3 inches, making them ridiculously comfortable to stroll around in. Plus, it can be worn all year round. Have I convinced you to buy them yet? GO GO GO.


WOAH – this shoe is definitely a statement. But for how wild it is, I’ve actually found Pearls to be quite versatile. I recently wore this badass shoe to my graduation ceremony and plan to wear it again for a wedding. Because the shoe color is a pinky nude, it can be worn as a neutral tone for any outfit (seriously, try it out). Mules are everywhere this season, and I can see why. Besides the versatility of the cut, they are SO comfy. Like even more than flats/sliders. These shoes definitely inspire me to get more creative with my outfits, and for that reason alone, we have another winner.

DSC00364 (1)DSC00355DSC00361PATCHES

Another great find from the almighty Steve Madden, Patches takes sliders to a new level, incorporating velvet! The shoe comes in different works: leopard, floral, and a rolling stones inspired. My killer outfit to wear these with? All black everything. Follow me on Instagram @fashionflurry4 to see how I style these, and others, in the future.

Which of these shoes is your favorite? What have you been loving this season?

Until next time,