Hi there and welcome! I’m Leila and this website is my pride and joy. This is where I share my love for fashion & beauty, document my health journey, and share my life!

I’ve spent the better half of my years in school where I never had a creative outlet to take advantage of. Now, I’m about to enter the workforce, and need a place where I can write about my truest passions.

I have always enjoyed the power of fashion. My style is different everyday based on how I’m feeling. I will go from edgy to frilly overnight, and I hope I can showcase that here.

I’ve dipped my toe in beauty, but I’m ready to dive into the deep end. Skincare and makeup have always been important, but the price tag has been difficult to justify. My goal here is to write totally honest reviews on high end products, and let you know if they’re worth it.

Health & Fitness is a new journey for me. I’ve been a pescatarian for two years so I cook relatively healthy, but I have a crazy sweet tooth I’m trying to kick in the butt. I recently joined a gym and I need a place to document my progress and all the challenges I’ll face.

I am a true believer that everyone needs a vacation at least once a year to relax, detox, and refresh their mind. I’ve been to a handful of countries like Azerbaijan, Brazil, Italy, France, and Spain. I haven’t been everywhere, but its on my list.


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