Alexander Wang Rockie: Bag Review

Hello lovely ladies,

Like my mom, some of you might want to kick me when I tell you I’m over the summer months. With the talk of fall fashion week, the fashion trends in magazines, and the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I’m currently in Autumn mode. In the midst of re-organizing my wardrobe to get ready for my favorite season of fashion, I pulled out my Alexander Wang handbag that had been stored for the summer and knew I had to write a review for you all.



Women’s Blue Haze Rockie Pebbled Leather Bag

Removable shoulder strap: 23 inches

Two-way zip closure

8″ W X 5″ H X 3″ W

The Review: 

I’ve owned this bag for over one year and believe I have had enough experience with it to give an honest review.

Let’s start with the outside of the bag – it’s stunning. When I first tried it on it took me some time to realize the front was where the zipper can be seen. Honestly, I think you can wear it either way, but the “proper” showcase is as stated. The leather is great quality and very thick, making it more difficult than usual to leave any scratch marks or show signs of wear. My favorite (and everyones favorite) part of the bag is the hardware on the bottom. Not only does it prevent your bag from touching the floor, but the edgy detail is what makes this bag so unique and personal.

No matter how beautiful a bag is, there always has to be a flaw or two … right? Due to the great quality of leather, this bag is heavier than most I have tried and tends to be the reason why I store it away in the summer – I can not be bothered to carry it around in the hot weather. Secondly, I find it hard to balance this bag when I place it on the ground or at a desk, it tends to want to topple over on its side. Not a major problem, just a little annoying. And lastly, as with most bags, I always find the need to keep it stuffed with scarves or sweaters when I am not using it, or the sides will cave in.


Now for the inside – there really is not much to report here. The inside includes one zipper (large enough to fit a few cosmetics) and two phone pockets, which I don’t store anything in. Its basically a free for all, which I am totally fine with as I am an incredibly organized person. However, if you find your bag turns into a jumbled mess without dividers, this may not be for you. As far as the size goes, this is the Rockie bag so it’s on the smaller size. You can not fit a laptop in this bag. Alexander Wang offers the same model in a size up called the Rocco; however, keep in mind the additional weight of the larger one.


Final Thoughts:

I think the Alexander Wang Rockie Bag is an edgy, “cool-girl” style perfect for the fall and winter months. As someone who does not carry around too much crap, it is the perfect size for me. The inside is very minimal, but I am drawn to this bag for it’s look on the outside.

I hope this review was helpful for anyone considering this bag. What are your thoughts on it?

Until next time,



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    1. Yes, that’s something I should have mentioned! The barrel shape is so unique and looks great when it’s stuffed with things!


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