May Favorites 2017

Favorite Fashion Pick

I’ve been noticing the color yellow everywhere this season … it’s such a vibrant and lovely shade that will always get you compliments! I picked up this BCBG dress for my cousin’s wedding this month, and think it’s the perfect outfit for any event or a fancy dinner out. The ruffles down the top-side create an elegant look, while the slit in the front eludes sexiness. Pictured in the feature photo is the open back – icing on the cake.

Favorite Skin Care

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.29.15 AM

Shiseido’s Refining Moisturizer is a lightweight cream formulated with PhytoResist Complex to boost skin’s strength to resist problems. I have sensitive skin and find this moisturizer to be gentle and incredibly rehydrating. Shiseido is known for its variety of moisturizer, but specifically for its wrinkle resistant solutions, and offer products with a range of prices up to $260.00. The refining moisturizer that I have featured is great for young adults with minor skin conditions and is the most basic formula Shiseido offers; it is sold at a price of $45.00

Favorite Jewelry

Rings (1)

The marble trend may be on its last run, but I could not resist purchasing these rings from H&M. I love the color white during summer, and these rings incorporate marble into different shapes and sizes. The whole set included 5 rings for the cost of $10.00. I love H&M for accessories like this!

Favorite Make-Up

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.28.12 AM

I’ve had the NARS illuminator in shade Orgasm for over a year, but only break it out in the warmer seasons (it’s a bit too dark for me when I’m pale). The liquid illuminator refreshes and enhances the skin by creating a shimmer base. I like to wear this under my BB cream to add extra glow, or use it as a highlighter when I have a nice tan. Full size product sells for $30.00

Favorite Perfume

Perfume (1)

COCO Mademoiselle by Chanel is my favorite perfume pick for a night out. The scent includes fresh and vibrant orange, jasmine, and May rose. It has a light smell, making it perfect for summer, but also carries sexiness with it, making it my night out fragrance. The full size product retails for $72.00.

What are your favorite or least favorite items this month?

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